IT-CNS Inc. Grows to Meet Secure File Transfer Market Needs

IT-CNS, Inc., a leading data security firm, expands presence in Atlanta for its
growing Safety4Data secure data platform business

Pittsburgh (September 19, 2019) - IT-CNS, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based data
security firm that delivers trusted secure file transfer, announced the
addition of a Southeast regional office to meet the growing demand of its
premier cybersecurity platform, Safety4Data. The IT-CNS office in Atlanta
was established to better serve customers in the government, automotive,
financial services, healthcare and legal markets.
Safety4Data provides trusted data delivery in a complete end-to-end, secure
file transfer service without the need for a specialized IT department. In
addition to securing data between trusted parties, the Safety4Data platform
also ensures compliance requirements for GDPR, HIPAA, ISO standards, and
insurance & financial regulations.
“Opening these offices affords us the opportunity to respond to our existing
clients more quickly, but also focus our attention on growing our service
offerings to meet market leader needs within these high growth markets,”
said Marek Hajn, Chief Operating Officer at IT-CNS, Inc.
The company is planning to open a similar office in Washington D.C. by the
end of the year.
The Safety4Data service, through its easy to use customer interface, enables
trust in all threat environments, especially for small business owners. With its
layered security approach, including split file transfer, PKI-key powered peer-
to-peer management and control for user access, it represents the highest
value for the cybersecurity investment and protection.
One of Safety4Data’s newest customers, Abel Tamayo, Account Executive at
Entropy, Inc., explained, “With Safety4Data, we can quickly transfer sensitive
files between our technical team and clients, with a high level of security. It
shows we care about their intellectual property enough to protect it at the
highest level.”

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